Online Class links - Autumn Term Sept 21

Dear Parents,

You must join on time and follow the rules set out below for the online classes.

All new students to London Tamil Centre must fill the online application and get your class allocated via headteacher prior to attending the class link below.  Current students if you want to know your new class - check your class allocation. 

Remeber the class slots.

09:30 am to 10:50 am - Tamil Classes
11:00 am to 11:15 am - Assembly
11:15 am to 12 noon - Vocal Classes 
12 noon to 12:45 pm - Instrumental Classes  (other than Vocal & Dance)
12:45 pm to 1:30 pm - Bharatanatyam/Dance Classes 

Note:  The online Zoom class links below will not change during this term (academic year).  Password will change and you will be notififed via email. Those wants to obtain the password please request your class teacher or headteacher -

Additional information see links below
New Admissions and online Fee structure -
Calendar for Academic Year -

Dr. V. Ananthasayanan

REMIND YOU ALL about Online Classes Rules - Tamil Class Rules

Remind you all the rules during the online lessons.

It is important to run the class effectively to the benefit of every child in the class.
1. Make sure to change name in the  Zoom session with your child's name
    The teacher will remove the person if you join with incorrect name.
    [Go to Participants, click on the name - ".... (me)" at the top, choose  Rename and type first name and surname]
2. Keep  microphone mute most times and only Unmute when the child needs to speak to the teacher or if the teacher asks question
3. The child should be in a quiet place,  ready to start the lesson 5 mins early
4. The child should be ready with pencil, note book and Tamil lesson book as if going to Tamil school on Sundays.
5.  Parents are observers only and to provide technical help with Zoom session only. The class is for the child and the child should freely participate without parents interfering. 


Rule for the Fine Arts Classes
1. Video will be used, by joining the class you are providing implied consent to participate
2. You need to have appropriate device with Camera. 
3. Dress appropriately and sit on the floor (preferred against a light background wall)
4. The child should be in a quiet place,  ready to start the lesson by 5 mins early
5. As you do in Tamil Zoom classes, you must join with your name. Change it appropriately. 
6. Join with the computer, need to have the video and audio stable during the class. We recommend that you do the Zoom audio settings as per this link/instructions
7. For Keyboard - prefer to have the keyboard on table with computer/camera facing the keyboard from the left hand side.
8. For Veena - small stool or chair you can place the computer so that strings are visible
10. Others classes computer on the floor facing the instrument/face should be sufficient


Rule for the Bharatanatyam Classes

1. You must join the class with your normal Dance Practice Costume - be ready before the class starts
2. Use a computer with camera and prefer to place the computer on a chair. You can adjust the angle of the computer screen to give the correct visibility as teacher instructs
3. As it is dance session, choose a room/space where you have max area available (2m x 2m will be good)
4. Avoid pointing the computer camera towards a window with a lot of light. Your face will not be clear. You can check the camera, when you start the video session.
5. You are providing implied consent to participate by joining the online class with video. 


Links for Religious classes (9:00 am to 9:25am)

Religion 1 – Beginners up to 7 year old – Mrs Nithiyalingham

Religion 2 –  7 – 11 years old – Mrs Mahalingham

 Religion 3 – Over 11 years old children and adults – Dr V Ananthasayanan

Pannisai – Mrs Pramakumaran


Links for Tamil Classes - (9:30 am to 10:50 am)

Toddlers  -  Miss T Thirunamalingam

Nursery -  Mrs S Jeyasuthan

Reception - Mrs. R Paramakumaran & Miss A Nithyalingam

Fast Track  - Mrs S Sasikaran

Spoken - Mrs S Krishnakumar

Year 1  - Mrs Rathy Sivakumar

Year 2 - Mrs R Sachchithanantham

Year 3A - Mrs Mithilini Theepathas

Year 3B -  Mrs M Sivakumar

Year 4  Mrs K Boovanenthiran 

Year 5A - Mrs C Thirunamalingam

Year 5B - Mrs Mohana Nandakumar

Year 6 -  Mrs A Nithiyalingam

Year 7 - Mrs G Srenathan

Year 8 - Mrs R Navaneethanathan

O Level -  Mrs. R Calistus

AS Level -  Mrs N Sasiruban

A Level - Mrs M Shivaleelan



Assembly 11:00 to 11:15 am

Dr. V. Ananthasayanan   -

When the number of participants reaches 100 and you could not join, use this alternative link (you must use the link above first),



Links for the Vocal Classes 11:15 to 12 noon

Vocal 1 Mrs. Thilakashakthi  Aaramuthan

Vocal 2 and Vocal 3 Mrs T Aravinthan

Vocal 4 Mrs Jeyanthy Suresh

Vocal 5 Mrs S Thiaganathan

Vocal 6 Mr Sarangan


Links for the Flute, Keyboard, Miruthangam, Veena and Violin Classes - 12 noon to 12:45 pm

Flute Mr.Raghavaraman

Keyboard 1 Mr. Nirujan

Keyboard 2 Mr. Regiththan

Miruthangam 1 Mr. Kirupakaran

Miruthangam 2 Mr. Pardeepan

Veena Mrs. Sahathevan

Violin 1 & Violin 2 Mrs. Kausalya Sathiyalingam

Violin 3 Mr. Gnanasuntharam


Links for the Bharatanatyam Classes - 12:45 pm to 1:30 pm

Dance 1 - Mrs. Uma Chandratheva

Dance 2 - Mrs Thiruverni Shankar

Dance 3 - Mrs Shivanthi Sasikumar  (Mrs Prashanthiny Uthayababu)

Dance 4 - Mrs Krishnalatha Kathirgamanathan


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