Classes resumes today (31 May) after half term break

Dear Parents,

Hope all had a good half term break. The classes will restart at 9:30 am as usual.

The class links are the same as previous weeks.

Remind you all the rules during the online lessons.

It is important to run the class effectively to the benefit of every child in the class.

1. Make sure to change name in the Zoom session with your child's name

    The teacher will remove the person from the class if the name is not indentifiable. 

    [Go to Participants, click on the name - ".... (me)" at the top, choose  Rename and type first name and surname] 

2. Keep microphone mute most times and only Unmute when the child needs to speak to the teacher or if the teacher asks question

3. Video should be disabled 

4. The child should be in a quiet place, ready to start the lesson by 9:25 am

5. The child should be ready with pencil, note book and Tamil lesson book as if going to Tamil school on Sundays.

6. Parents are observers only and to provide technical help with Zoom session only. The class is for the child and the child should freely participate without parents interfering. 

Dr. V. Ananthasayanan


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